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Aisha, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari has asserted that she nourishes her youngsters with her own cash.

She said that the State House, Abuja cooked for her welfare just when it was vital.

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As indicated by Aisha, she had not been agreed the official benefits given to her antecedents as the Fist Lady of the nation.

Mrs. Buhari’s cases, contained in a response by her media associate, Adebisi Ajayi on Friday were tons of mishandle of benefits at Nigerian High Commission in London leveled against her by Sahara Reporters, an online media obviously on her outing to the United Kingdom as of late.

Mrs. Buhari along these lines tested the online journalists to show confirmation of their answer to disproof her cases.

The reply read in this manner: “The consideration of the Wife of the President, Hajia Aisha Buhari has been attracted to a report in Sahara Reporters where, she was in addition to other things blamed for mishandle of benefits at Nigerian High Commission in London.

“It is not to her greatest advantage to join issues with anybody or shield others specified in the report, it is however foremost to put the record in appropriate points of view as its worry her treks to UK versus the Nigerian High Commission in London.

“Aisha Buhari has never headed out to London with a vast company as was conveyed in the report. The most noteworthy number of individuals on an outing includes her three children, ADC, and her own doctor.

“The Nigerian Commission in London has never offered any support either financially or tangibly to her or her purported company on any of her outings to London.

“The state house in Abuja provides food for her feast when essential, and other sound nourishment or assortment required by her kids are her moral duty.

“It is on record that the Nigerian Commission in London does not get Aisha Buhari at the airplane terminal with any official qualification or benefits as was agreed other first women before her

“Her drivers are secretly orchestrated with no plan of action to the government office for staff.

“She has never grumbled or raised tidy about any of these demonstrations by the High Commission due to the comprehension, as plainly spelt out and honed by her better half, that open office must be isolated from the private existences of the tenants.

“She has dependably been a backer of good administration where authorities of government are responsive and speaking to their constituents, it in this manner bewilders the creative energy that one could trust she would confirm with any administration official however profoundly set either at home or abroad to scam the Nigerian individuals.

“These records are not covered up for a non-insidious correspondent who truly expects to advise the general population and not to stigmatize the group of the President just to add weight to a report.

“Aisha Buhari would have overlooked this, similar to all of such outlandish allegations, yet the point to which the report was displayed has a debasement and mishandle of benefits intention which nullifies the central standard whereupon this organization flourishes.

“Thusly, Sahara correspondent or any of the government office staff is therefore tested to give any solid confirmation either in hard or delicate duplicate to repudiate Aisha’s Buhari’s position as it concerns her outings to London.


Davido – Fall (mp3 download)




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Davido is out with a sequel to “IF” and it’s dubbed “Fall”

Davido is surely not slowing down with the bangers. Here’s another tune titled Fall. The single comes right after his Tekno produced tune “IF”.

Like the latter, ‘Fall is sure to be critically commended as the singer solemnly profess his desires to the opposite gender.

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Davido, also states out that he’s done being a player and how his ready to be with only the love of his life.

Quotable Lyrics: “I don’t wanna be a player no more; cause my guys call me Christiano; Mr Ronaldo, omo Nintendo”

Produced by Kiddominant; download mp3 of “Fall“ by Davido below

Download Davido – Fall mp3

Watch & Download “Davido – Fall” below:-



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Treasure Roll Registration & How it Works (GET 100%)




Treasure Roll Registration & How it Works
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Treasure Roll is a platform for financial independence involving peer to peer donations that helps its members to freely donate to one another in order to help people become financially free. There is no referral link needed and registration is absolutely free. On this platform, members can donate and receive from one another.

In Treasure Roll there is no central account where all the System money flows to (where it can be easily siphoned). All the money are in the bank accounts of the participants themselves! Members transfer to each other directly, without any third party! Treasure Roll only regulates the process – nothing more. So the System completely belongs to the people.

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How Treasure Roll Works

It is 100% return income. There are currently 5 packages with their different denominations. These packages include Standard (20K), Silver (50K), Gold (100K), Diamond (200K), Platinum (500K). If a member (donor) pledges to pay 20k under the bronze package, he/she would be matched and required to pay a fellow participant who had pledged earlier his/her pledged sum of 20K within 5hrs.

Failure to pay, the Member would be deleted from the system. After he/she had made the payment and has been confirmed by the Member (Recipient), the system would match two persons who would be required to pay the Member (Donor) 20K each amounting to 40K in about 1 – 12days after he has been confirmed. Same procedure goes with the other packages.



  •  Register an account on
  • Update your profile and bank account details to complete your registration.
  • Compare and understand all the packages available for investment.
  • Choose a package which you would want to offer sponsorship bearing in mind the conditions that apply for the chosen package.
  • Wait to be connected with another user who you will sponsor with the stated amount required for the package you chose.
  • Upload/Post your Prove of payment/sponsorship details, after your details are confirmed, your account will be ready to receive sponsorship too.
  • Your account will be matched with two other participants who will sponsor you with the initial amount you paid. Meaning you will have 100% returns with your initial invested amount.
  • Confirm receipt of sponsorship from the two participants who have paid you and then you can pick a different package or choose the same package to repeat the same process.

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Buhari: Presidency reveals date of President’s return




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Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina has uncovered the day his important will return.

This is as he depicted the growing strain over the soundness of the president as “simply pointless”.

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In a visit with TVC on Friday, the presidential representative emphasized that the President is robust and healthy.

Adesina likewise unveiled that Buhari is normal once more into the nation on February sixth.

He advised those approaching the President to address Nigerians on the genuine condition of his wellbeing to regard his rights, saying nobody can drive the President to talk.

Adesina stated: “The growing pressure about President Buhari’s wellbeing is absolutely pointless. The president is recently basically fine. I talk with individuals around him at consistent interim.

“For his age, President Buhari is fit and equipped for paddling the issues of the nation.

“He turned 74 last December and on the off chance that you take a gander at his engagement in the most recent two months, you will concur with me that it’s been exceptionally captivating. Keep in mind his part in the Gambia issue.

“My real exhort for those hawking the gossip is to alter their opinion and stay positive about this organization.”

He additionally encouraged those selling gossipy tidbits to divert their vitality to other significant exercises that will profit the whole citizenry.

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