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Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State has said it is excessively hazardous and perilous, making it impossible to redirect neighborhood and universal flights from Abuja to Kaduna as arranged by the Federal Government.

In an announcement marked by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, Fayose offered thumps to the FG over what he said was its automatic way to deal with issues.

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“They act before they think and they take choices before counseling basic partners. That way, they generally wind up having things in the wrong order. That is the manner by which they have botched up the economy and now have brought remarkable anguish, wretchedness, destitution and enduring on Nigerians”, he said.

The Federal Government has said it would shut down the Abuja air terminal for six weeks to repair the runway, amid which period Abuja flights will be occupied to Kaduna from where the Federal Government said travelers would now be transported to Abuja.

The Airlines Operators of Nigeria has rejected the administration’s arrangement, demanding there were better methods for repairing the Abuja runway without shutting the air terminal.

Universal carrier administrators and their residential partners are likewise restricted to the nearby down alternative.

Fayose depicted the security circumstance of Kaduna and its surroundings as troubling, saying this single-handedly precluded Kaduna.

He additionally grumbled about the weather beaten condition of the Kaduna-Abuja street, which he depicted as a “passing trap”.

“This same Kaduna is the place Shiites waylaid an entire Chief of Army Staff; the emergency made is yet to decrease as the Shiites keep on defying the powers to mount open challenges.

“This is the same Kaduna where over a thousand residents have been butchered like rams and the FG has not conveyed a solitary of the killers to book. The circumstance in southern Kaduna and in different parts stays as tense as ever.

“This is the same Kaduna-Abuja passing trap of a street where a sitting Minister of the Federal Republic, his significant other and child lost their lives in a street incident. This is the same Kaduna-Abuja street where a Minister and her better half were grabbed visible to everyone.

“It is additionally on this same street that an Army officer was butchered; where herders parade their crowds visible to everyone creating avoidable mishaps and different burdens to explorers. This is a similar street where Boko Haram and other criminally-disapproved of hooligans work voluntarily”, he said.

He reprimanded the legislature for taking a choice before collecting the basic partners, whose counsel now keeps running against the grains of government’s reasoning.

“Why are they continually jumping before they look”, he asked, saying that the choice to shut down the Abuja air terminal will additionally exacerbate the nation’s monetary subsidence.

“We will lose business to neighboring nations; a legislature that is parroting broadening of the economy will lose non-oil income.

“An aeronautics area that is in emergency before will have its circumstance exacerbated. Anticipate that more employments will be lost in that area, additionally intensifying the disturbing unemployment issue in the nation”, he said.

Adjusting to the position of the aircrafts administrators who are opposing the Federal Government’s migration arrange, Fayose said all the fundamental coordinations, for example, recovery of the Kaduna-Abuja street, arrangement of satisfactory security, and sufficient conference should have been attempted before the FG chose to proceed with the arrangement.

He prompted the administration to quickly constitute a powerful group made out of Nigerians with the imperative mastery to handle this exceptionally basic national task, focusing on that our picture as a nation is in question in light of the fact that outside nationals are included.

“In Nigeria under the APC\Buhari organization, we appear to esteem cows more than human lives however this is not the situation with outside governments which put premium on the lives of their natives. They are not liable to permit our administration bet with the lives of their natives”, he included.

Guaranteeing Nigerians and the global group that he would keep on speaking out at whatever point the event requests; the senator exhorted the APC\Buhari organization to be sufficiently gallant to concede its mix-ups and remember its means since such a great amount of is in question.

“However, by their temperament, they are typically indifferent. They think everything begins and finishes with political power, which is extremely miserable. They should change this state of mind since it is in charge of the untold enduring that our kin are experiencing today”, he included.


Davido – Fall (mp3 download)




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Davido is out with a sequel to “IF” and it’s dubbed “Fall”

Davido is surely not slowing down with the bangers. Here’s another tune titled Fall. The single comes right after his Tekno produced tune “IF”.

Like the latter, ‘Fall is sure to be critically commended as the singer solemnly profess his desires to the opposite gender.

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Davido, also states out that he’s done being a player and how his ready to be with only the love of his life.

Quotable Lyrics: “I don’t wanna be a player no more; cause my guys call me Christiano; Mr Ronaldo, omo Nintendo”

Produced by Kiddominant; download mp3 of “Fall“ by Davido below

Download Davido – Fall mp3

Watch & Download “Davido – Fall” below:-



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Treasure Roll Registration & How it Works (GET 100%)




Treasure Roll Registration & How it Works
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Treasure Roll is a platform for financial independence involving peer to peer donations that helps its members to freely donate to one another in order to help people become financially free. There is no referral link needed and registration is absolutely free. On this platform, members can donate and receive from one another.

In Treasure Roll there is no central account where all the System money flows to (where it can be easily siphoned). All the money are in the bank accounts of the participants themselves! Members transfer to each other directly, without any third party! Treasure Roll only regulates the process – nothing more. So the System completely belongs to the people.

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How Treasure Roll Works

It is 100% return income. There are currently 5 packages with their different denominations. These packages include Standard (20K), Silver (50K), Gold (100K), Diamond (200K), Platinum (500K). If a member (donor) pledges to pay 20k under the bronze package, he/she would be matched and required to pay a fellow participant who had pledged earlier his/her pledged sum of 20K within 5hrs.

Failure to pay, the Member would be deleted from the system. After he/she had made the payment and has been confirmed by the Member (Recipient), the system would match two persons who would be required to pay the Member (Donor) 20K each amounting to 40K in about 1 – 12days after he has been confirmed. Same procedure goes with the other packages.



  •  Register an account on
  • Update your profile and bank account details to complete your registration.
  • Compare and understand all the packages available for investment.
  • Choose a package which you would want to offer sponsorship bearing in mind the conditions that apply for the chosen package.
  • Wait to be connected with another user who you will sponsor with the stated amount required for the package you chose.
  • Upload/Post your Prove of payment/sponsorship details, after your details are confirmed, your account will be ready to receive sponsorship too.
  • Your account will be matched with two other participants who will sponsor you with the initial amount you paid. Meaning you will have 100% returns with your initial invested amount.
  • Confirm receipt of sponsorship from the two participants who have paid you and then you can pick a different package or choose the same package to repeat the same process.

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Buhari: Presidency reveals date of President’s return




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Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina has uncovered the day his important will return.

This is as he depicted the growing strain over the soundness of the president as “simply pointless”.

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In a visit with TVC on Friday, the presidential representative emphasized that the President is robust and healthy.

Adesina likewise unveiled that Buhari is normal once more into the nation on February sixth.

He advised those approaching the President to address Nigerians on the genuine condition of his wellbeing to regard his rights, saying nobody can drive the President to talk.

Adesina stated: “The growing pressure about President Buhari’s wellbeing is absolutely pointless. The president is recently basically fine. I talk with individuals around him at consistent interim.

“For his age, President Buhari is fit and equipped for paddling the issues of the nation.

“He turned 74 last December and on the off chance that you take a gander at his engagement in the most recent two months, you will concur with me that it’s been exceptionally captivating. Keep in mind his part in the Gambia issue.

“My real exhort for those hawking the gossip is to alter their opinion and stay positive about this organization.”

He additionally encouraged those selling gossipy tidbits to divert their vitality to other significant exercises that will profit the whole citizenry.

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