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Femi Fani-Kayode, previous Aviation Minister, has uncovered his discussion with an anonymous resigned General over the fall of Sambisa timberland, the last fortress of the Boko Haram faction.

Fani-Kayode, in the discussion he sent to EMMO DAILY Monday evening, noticed that the claim by the Nigerian government that Boko Haram had fallen was a lie.

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His words is recreated unedited beneath;

“A resigned General imparted this point of view to me. He said the late clamor in regards to annihilation of BHT (Boko Haram fear based oppressors is so tricky.

“It must be noted as a mission in encouragement of their conviction and publicity to accomplish 2 things. Initially to vindicate Islam by showing it as not being in charge of all the malevolence done by this awful Jihadists development.

“He had dedicated a generous segment of his inaugural discourse in trumpeting this trickery. Quite a bit of what he needed to state there was to demand that Islam was not in charge of the monstrosities.

“That message was a greater amount of an imam’s discourse . The truth of the matter is that the last administration had as of now situated the military to at long last wreck the BHT even while the despot and his APC were caught up with empowering and benefitting from the endeavors of the abhorrent association.

“Furthermore, himself, his gathering and numerous muslim aficionado military officers who were so dedicated to disrupting the counterterrorist operations under Jonathan were for the most part worried that, Jonathan, a “heathen” must not be credited with overcoming an association related to Islam.

“This to them would be an unsatisfactory abnormality. The vast majority of those officers subverting the operations under last authority inevitably turned into the most punctual nominees to charge in the NA (Nigeria Army) when the dictator accepted power.

“Individuals neglect to ask what truly is his substantial key contribution of this despot to this thrashing of BHT that he such a great amount of needs to be credited with? All the gear utilized were obtained by last administration. All the Special powers were prepared under last administration.

“The MNJTF was a thought completely bundled by last administration. The monstrous enrollment, retraining and rebuilding of NA all under last administration. The endeavors to reestablish train which restriction government officials attempted to undermine and prompt was additionally not by this mischievous administration of advocates.

“In established truth, part of the reasons outrage of the despot’s administration agsinst Dasuki and authority of military under Jonathan was a direct result of the totality the endeavors to completely crush BHT and fear based oppression in Nigeria.

“This is the foundation and the genuine account of the tremendously noised December 2016 triumph over BHT. I wish this comprehension is accessible to Nigerians and student of history on our country’s travails.”



  1. Hadi Mohammed

    December 26, 2016 at 7:10 pm


  2. Ibrahim Mohammad Umar

    December 26, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Cynical mad man! General of militants?

  3. Sunday Moses Bala

    December 26, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    Retire iotter, retire prisoner, we can’t believe u again bcos u’re thief and u partner with ppl that run nigeria economic down, go and sleep

  4. Mustafa Abdulrasheed

    December 26, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    You are a Lia, a very big disgrace to your entire generation.

  5. Jibril Kawule Disini

    December 26, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    we are tire with that mumu Fayose

  6. Oriakhi Victor

    December 27, 2016 at 1:50 am

    Tell Them Kayode

  7. Tested Okey Sammy

    December 27, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Mumu feminine kayode stroke talk talk fayose we are tired of your sponsored talks.

  8. Yusuf

    December 27, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    You still have mouth to talk thief

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Does Buhari deserve a second term?




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It is said that one good turn deserves another. Does President Muhammadu Buhari deserve a second term in office? Has he performed well to deserve another term? 

These questions have palpitated in my head effectuating mixed feelings. The reason is that President Buhari if weighed on the scale of some expected deliverable such as security (fighting insurgency specifically) and combating corruption; I would say he has performed five points above average. But if examined on the slab of economy, health, policy, national cohesion, impartiality, rule of law and fairness, I would say he has flunked the essential test of governance.

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Initially, I was one of those who rationalised every of Buhari’s administrative faux-pas, but I had to let my conscience find rest. Buhari has disappointed many of his non-fanatical admirers and supporters. He has disappointed me.

President Buhari and his party – the All Progressives Congress – made appetising promises to Nigerians in the build-up to the 2015 presidential election, but none has been fulfilled. I stand to be challenged on this.

I do not want to sound malevolent in this article, but the Buhari government infected a relatively healthy economy with policy-epilepsy. That said; let me briefly examine just four of Buhari’s 2015 campaign promises.

On health, Buhari promised to “ensure that no Nigerian will have a reason to go outside of the country for medical treatment”.

Has this promised been fulfilled? Are there signs that it will be fulfilled in the next one year in the life of this administration?

On employment, the president promised to “target the creation of three million new jobs a year through industrialisation, public work and agricultural expansion”.

Sadly, instead creating three million jobs, the Buhari government has thrown six million Nigerians into the job market.

On housing, the president promised to “create a mortgage market by reforming land ownership to give ordinary Nigerians easy access to title deeds”. This has not been achieved.

On electricity, it was promised that “the APC government shall vigorously pursue the expansion of electricity generation and distribution of up to 40,000 MW in 4 to 8 years”. Nigeria’s electricity generation currently oscillates between 2,500 MW and 3,500 MW.

I have chosen to state just four seducing and lofty promises the president and his party made during the 2015 presidential election campaign.

So, the question is, does Buhari deserve a second term in office? I cannot answer this question for Nigerians, but I have my answer.

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“Why I Beat My Wife. What Would You Have Done Differently In My Situation?”




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Good afternoon all. This post was culled from NairaLand and it’s about a young man (anonymous) who wants to hear your opinion on this issue that he’s presently facing.

Please read carefully and judge rightfully.

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The comments box will open for this post, so that we can hear from you.

During our courtship days I have always reiterated my stand on men that do beat their wife. I was of the opinion that they are not lesser than a beast.
She is very quiet, she hardly finishes her words, and she was full of smile that my grandma named her “smiling smiling girl”. My family members were thanking God for me because of her gentle nature. She doesn’t have friends, she goes to church regularly. I went for her because I have seen a lot of unhappy homes and by all means I wanted to avoid such situation. Before her, I had seen many girls that I love and they equally love me too. I leave them immediately I see a sign of anger in them. So, I told her that all I wanted in my life was happiness and I will make sure I keep the home together and going smoothly in as much that happens.
She has her trust issues which I thought they were necessary and not out of control (that was my greatest mistake), but aggressiveness and hatred ,I never had that thought a bit. She didn’t even look it.

After the introduction, she was eager for the wedding despite the fact that I hardly got employed in a small firm barely a year. We fixed the date and arrangements were going.
3 days before the wedding , I told my wife to-be that one of my friends promised to bring event ;ushers for our wedding just to add glamour to the day, she didn’t allow me to finish when she started shouting on top of her voice and with this kind of never seen before aggressiveness. I never saw such red eyes before in 2 years of our courtship and over 6 years as friends. She said my friends and I were bringing oloshos to sleep with for bash eve which I never even plan to have. Her argument wasn’t a concern but I never see her reacted that way. I cried and I knew I was in for a big trouble.


Fast forward to after wedding. To my surprise, before any argument she would hit me, sometimes slap just less than 2 months in the marriage. I discovered she has the strength of 3 men. We are talking about a lady that never misses any church program as a youth and when we moved to our new area , she became more popular than myself in the church. This went on for a while coupled with terrible issues that I would be taken one after the other.

There was this afternoon that an argument ensue base on (what I will share latter) , she took out knife, I collected it from her, she brought out fork I collected it from her, she resulted to my belt and she started beating me with it ,I didn’t even struggle with her just like before. She took her shoe hitting it on my head ,I didn’t even move, I wasn’t even angry self. She bite me on my shoulder and thumb which nearly had that finger off if not for quick medical attention. At this point a question flashed through my mind, “would this be how my live would be going?”. This woman may even ask me to lay flat to receive some lashes if I didn’t make attempt to stop her. I concluded that I have to do something. Then without any iota of anger in me. I raised my hand up and gave her 2 thunderous slaps across her face. She opened her mouth for complete 5 minutes she couldn’t close it. I knew she would be thinking she has over stepped her boundary. She started shouting that I have killed her and all sorts. People that never had me speak in that street for good one year I stayed their plus close to a year she has spent with me were aghast. Since that day many things changed for the worse. Though she stopped hitting me after that, except sometimes when she would push me against the wall and i get some bruises.
I later travelled home and my siblings were asking me if my hands were tied to my back while a woman was inflicting all these injuries on my body. They saw both the fresh ones and the old bruises. It was a very big issue that families, church members had to intervene. I can tell you since that day things had never remain the same again. It was the beginning of trouble and unhappy home.

My question is this? If you were in my position what would you have done differently?

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Aso Rock And The Audacity Of Rats – Reuben Abati




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What’s that sound I am hearing?”
“What sound?”
“I thought I heard something like miaow, miaow…”
“Oh my cats…oh yes…”
“Are you now breeding cats?”
“Not really. But I have just joined a group of concerned Nigerians who are planning to go to the Presidential Villa in Abuja to help sort out this issue of rats that invaded the President’s office and chased him out of his office as the BBC reported.”

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“You mean you believe that story?”
“Nobody knows what to believe in this country anymore, but we are patriots and Baba’s loyalists, and we are determined to make our own contribution. Why don’t you join us?”
“To go and kill rats in Abuja?”
“Yes. Can’t you see that those rats are irresponsible elements? The President traveled for three months and they just took over his office, ate up the furniture in the office and now Baba has to work from home for 3 months while his office would have to be renovated, all at public expense.”
“How on earth would rats invade the President’s office?”
“You like to ask questions. Garba Shehu, the President’s spokesman and an experienced journalist who knows a story is not a story except it is accurate has told us that they are having a problem with rats in the Villa, who are you to doubt him? Have you been to the Villa before?”

“So, join us. Those rats have crossed national red lines. They must be destroyed relentlessly because they are terrorists and criminals. They are in fact guilty of treasonable felony. What they have done is the equivalent of an attempted coup d’etat! We, the concerned citizens, will not take it. We have a duty to defend this democracy.”
“But why are you bothering yourself? The President has met with the Security Chiefs. And he gave them a marching order to ensure national security. They should know what to do”

“But did they obey the marching order? After their meeting with the President, the other day, they just addressed a press conference and returned to their offices. Not a word about the breach of national security by rats. I was shocked. I expected the service chiefs to march straight to the President’s office and deal with the rats with immediate effect. This is the problem. Baba has around him, people who are not ready to help his administration. Even the Generals, with all their epaulets and combat experience, are running away from common rats! You now see why some of us have decided to take up this matter as patriots?”

“I don’t think anybody will allow you to take cats into the President’s office, though. That may even be more of a threat to national security than the rats invasion.”
“Okay, what do you suggest, we go to the zoo and get lions, jackals, and hyenas to attack rats?”
“What will a lion do with rats?”
“That is my point. It is actually a job for cats. Rats flourish in the absence of cats. Don’t you know it is only when the cat is not at home that rats become bold enough to take over the house? As the Yoruba people put it, a i si nile ologinni, ile di ile ekute.”
“Abasi mbok. I could never imagine that a day will come when Okon Calabar will take over Nigeria’s seat of power.”
“Okon Calabar. Who is that?”
“Okon Calabar. That is what we call rats in Calabar. Okon Calabar is not an ordinary rat at all. It has the appetite of about ten men. Have you ever seen a rat that has a pot belly, the effect of pathological gluttony?”
“That is Okon Calabar. Not even rat poison can kill it. And your cats had better be capable. Okon Calabar’s jaws are like this… strong, frightening. Ugh. In those days, Okon Calabar’s specialty was the family pot of soup. If you left your soup pot carelessly in the kitchen, Okon Calabar will lick all the soup and leave for you a clean pot. The real story is that Okon Calabar has very strong spiritual powers; it is an agent of demons and spirits.”
“Thank you. I think from now on, I will just be very careful. Anybody at all who bears Okon whether a rat or a human being… You now see why Baba had to abandon his office and work from home?”
“But is he actually working from home? I think he is working from the office.”
“The same office where the rats have taken possession?”
“I saw the photograph of the President’s meeting with the Service Chiefs. That is actually not the office in the residence. The office in the residence is small and private. I don’t know why we have to be told he is working from home, when he is actually using a second office which is part of his main office.”
“The people working for him say he is working from home, you say he is actually working from his office, another office. You and your over-sabi.”
“Well, I may be wrong. But the last administration extended the President’s office, by erecting in the green space between the President’s office and the residence, a mini-conference/banquet hall, which has a hall, a diplomatic reception room, a fully fitted kitchen, a Presidential office, a stage, a control room, a newsroom, and a broadcast room where the President can either record or have live broadcast.”
“They may have changed the design of things since you last visited the Villa. So you don’t know”
“But I saw the photographs in the media. The office in that Presidential office extension is just about 3 minutes walk from the residence. Once the President goes there to hold meetings, he is already effectively in the office. And in any case, was it even necessary to tell us the President is working from home or that rats have chased him away from his office? If they want to change furniture, let them do it. There is no point creating unnecessary news.”
“Your oversabi is getting too much these days.”
“Unnecessary news always generates unnecessary questions. Now, we have been told that N2 billion was actually earmarked for the cleaning and fumigation of the Villa. So, who is responsible for keeping the Villa rodent-free?”
“N4 billion actually. I hear Julius Berger is in charge of the maintenance of the Villa.”
“So, Julius Berger would have to explain to Nigerians how rats invaded the President’s office. Is it that they locked up the place and stopped cleaning it? Ordinarily, every part of the Villa must be kept clean every day. I still don’t believe this rat story. Rats in the President’s office? The BBC in its report was practically laughing at Nigeria. I imagine when next any foreign diplomat is posted to Nigeria, one of his briefing notes would be the need for him to watch out for rats in the Villa. Oyinbo people too like akproko.”
“Do you want to keep writing an essay on this matter or you want to join us? Any small thing, you will just start vibrating.”
“We need to raise questions. But since you insist that the rats story must be true, could that also be the reason why the Federal Executive Council meeting for this week was canceled?”
“I don’t think so. You should stop worrying about whether a Council meeting is held or not. It is not an issue. There is nothing in the Constitution that says FEC must meet every week or on any particular day. The President can choose to hold cabinet meetings on a- need-arises-basis. It is a matter of choice or style.”
“Okay, if I must join your rat-catchers gang, what is in it for me?”
“Must you always expect to be paid for every service rendered? We are a group of volunteer patriots going to Aso Rock to save it from rats. Oh when the saints/Go marching in/Oh, when the saints go marching in/Oh how I want to be in that number/When the saints go marching in/Oh when the drums begin to bang…/I want to be in that number…. Are you joining us?”
“Wait first. I think before we go to the Villa, we should take Lassa Fever vaccination as a form of protection and candidly, I think everybody in that Villa should be tested for Lassa fever. As you well know, rats are vectors of Lassa fever.”
“I don’t think this matter is that serious.”
“Still, it is better to take precautions. Doctors can be imported from either the UK or the US or the Medecins san frontieres can be called in to help.”
“We have doctors in Nigeria who can administer vaccination if need be.”
“Which Nigerian doctors?”
“It is even the job of a nurse. Vaccination is a simple procedure.”
“If you want me to join the rat-catchers league of patriots, you will first arrange a trip for me to the UK to take a Lassa fever injection, and then I will be prepared.”
“Obviously, you are also afraid of the rats, so, you have to find an excuse to dodge. And to think I have a role for you in this all-important and urgent national assignment.”
“What role?”
“I want you to be our Pied Piper.”
“Pied Piper. What is that?”
“Don’t tell me you have never heard of the Pied Piper? The Piped Piper of Hamelin”
“No. Why should I know him? Does he know me too?”
“Kai. What are they teaching you people in school these days? And you go about pretending to be educated? Kai. Well, I can’t blame you. What should we expect when the universities are running epileptic programmes and the teachers are on strike almost every year?”
“Don’t insult me. What is your point?”
“Okay, I want you to be our Pied Piper, right? You will dress up colourfully, and play a pipe, a flute or a saxophone or a mouth organ, whichever one you can play. You will also carry our company colours”
“Are we a company and what has colours got to do with it?”
“We are a brigade. In military terms, a brigade is also a company. And when you go to war, you must carry your colors. That is another word for the flag. In this case, you will carry the Nigerian flag.”
“But music? Why the music?”
“The Pied Piper of Hamelin played music for the rats that invaded Hamelin in medieval Germany, and led them out of the city and thus saved Hamelin from an epidemic. But you are not going to play music for the rats in Aso Villa. No. No. No. Our strategy is different. We are not going to play music for those rodents and terrorists. We are going to destroy them. The punishment for treason in Nigeria is death, not music. You will play music for the kyanwas and muzuru, to motivate them.”
“And who are those?”
“Cats. Kyanwa- female cats; muzuru- male cats. We did some research and found that cats respond positively to music. No stone will be left unturned on this mission”
“So, how soon are we storming Aso Villa? The whole thing is beginning to look interesting to me.”
“As soon as we finish working out the logistics. See, our strategy is simple. The operation will be codenamed “Operation Kyanwa” by the Hamelin Brigade. The cats will attack and destroy the rats. Then we will fumigate the entire Villa. The furniture will be moved out and replaced. And by God’s grace, the President can return to his Main office, by this time next week, to continue the noble work of leading 190 million Nigerians, without any threat from irresponsible rats.”
“I take it that you are with us, then.”
“Ye-s s-ir. “

“Thank you. Let us go and teach the Okon Calabars of Aso Villa, a lesson. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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