Soldiers Killed As Boko Haram Attacks Army Brigade In Yobe State.

Boko Haram radicals on Saturday evening assaulted an Army detachment in Buni Yadi, Yobe State.

Affirming the assault, the representative of 27 Task Force Brigade, Lt. George Okupe, said the assault was effectively repulsed by the troops. He however couldn’t unveil the loss both in favor of the Army and Boko Haram.

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Lt. Okupe said, “Buni Yadi went under assault at around 0615pm… yet things are under control. Loss figure of BHTs yet to be affirmed, on regions, none for the time being similarly possess powers. Be that as it may, points of interest will be transferred to you soon”.

In any case, a military source who addressed our journalist in certainty said it was an unexpected assault by Boko Haram agitators who Saturday night ate a challenging assault on 27 Task Force Brigade of the Nigerian Army Buni Yadi killing five fighters, including a commander.

The source likewise noticed that the extremists originated from the eastern side of the detachment in extensive numbers and ate predominant fire control on the military development before they were repulsed. The source included that the Captain, name withheld is a restorative specialist who has quite recently been presented on Buni Yadi.

The loss in favor of Boko Haram is yet to be uncovered, yet another military source unveiled that the radicals additionally endured overwhelming setback in the assault the same number of dead bodies were seen scattered in the hedge. He kept up that troops are still in quest for a portion of the escaping extremists.

“No one had sufficient energy to begin checking the quantities of the mongrels that were murdered on the grounds that we were caught up with seeking after the one that were running, yet I should let you know that large portions of them were executed and their dead bodies scattered in the bramble”, the source educated.

This is the first run through the 27 Task Brigade has experienced a substantial assault Boko Haram since its migration from Damaturu to Buni Yadi in 2015.

Buni Yadi, the base camp of Gujba Local Government was assumed control by the guerillas for right around a year prior to it was recovered by the military in May 2015.

The assault on 27 Task Force Brigade is coming scarcely two weeks after the guerillas are said to be in confuse in the north east after their dislodgement from Camp Zero, the last most grounded fortification of the radicals in the Sambisa backwoods.

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