Soaps,Spaghetti, Footwears; See Full List Of Items Banned From Being Imported Into Nigeria.

There are no less than 25 things that have been restricted from being transported in into Nigeria. The rundown, flowed by the Finance Ministry on Friday, incorporates cleansers, spaghetti and utilized coolers. The restriction on the things was set up by the legislature in 2016, as a major aspect of yearly endeavors to control import, however is still set up as no new one has been accommodated 2017, Festus Akanbi, representative to the fund serve told Premium Times.

See full rundown beneath.


1. Live or Dead Birds including Frozen Poultry H.S. Code 0105.1100 – 0105.9900, 0106.31.00.00 – 0106.39.00.00, 0207.11.00.00 – 0207.26.00.00 and 0210.99.00.00

2. Pork, Beef, H.S. Codes 0201.10.00.00 – 0204.50.00.00, 0206.10.00.00 – 0206.90.00.00, 0210.10.00.00 – 0210.20.00.00

3. Fowl Eggs H.S. Code 0407.11.00.00 – 0407.90.00.00; barring incubating eggs

4. Refined vegetable oil 1507.10.00.00-1516.20.90.00.but barring refined linseed, castor and olive oil. Unrefined vegetable oil are however NOT restricted from importation.

5. Stick or beet sugar and synthetically unadulterated sucrose, in strong shape containing included enhancing or shading matter H. S. Code 1701.91.10.00 – 1701.99.90.00 in retail packs

6. Cocoa margarine, Powder and cakes H.S. Codes 1802.00.00.00 – 1803.20.00.00, 1805.00.10.00 – 1805.00.90.00, 1806.10.00.00 – 1806.20.00.00 and 1804.00.10.00 – 1804.00.90.00

7. Spaghetti/Noodles H.S. Code 1902.11.00.00 – 1902.30.00.00

8. Organic product Juice in retail Packs H.S. Code 2009.11.10.00 – 2009.11.90.00 – 2009.90.90.00

9. Waters, including mineral waters and circulated air through Waters, containing included sugar or sweetening matter or enhanced, ice snow H.S. Codes 2201.10.10.00 – 2201.90.00.00, other non-mixed refreshments H.S. Codes 2202.10.00.00 – 2202.90.90.00.(but barring vitality or wellbeing drinks – fluid dietary supplements e.g. Control Horse, Red Ginseng, and so on) H.S. Code 2202.90.10.00 and Beer and hefty (Bottled, Canned or generally stuffed) H.S. Code 2203.00.10.00 – 2203.00.90.00.

10. Sacked Cement H.S. Code 2523.29.00.00

11. Medicament falling under Headings 3003 and 3004, for example,

a) Paracetamol tablets Syrups

b) Cotrimozazole tablets and Syrups

c) Metronidazole tablets and Syrups

d) Chloroquine tablets and Syrups

e) Haematinic plans:

(i) Ferrous sulfate and ferrous gluconate tablets

(ii) Folic corrosive tablets

(iii) Vitamin B Complex tablets (with the exception of adjusted discharge details).

f) Multivitamin tablets, cases and syrups (aside from uncommon plans)

g) Aspirin tablets (with the exception of adjusted discharge details and dissolvable ibuprofen)

h) Magnesium trisilicate tablets and suspensions

i) Piperazine tablets and syrups

j) Levamisole tablets and syrups

k) Ointments penicillin/gentamycin

l) Pyrantel pamoate tablets and syrups

m) Intravenous Fluids (Dextrose, Normal Saline and so on)

12. Squander pharmaceuticals H.S. Code 3006.92.00.00

13. Cleansers and Detergents H.S. Code 3401.11.10.00 – 3402.90.00.00 in retail packs

14. Mosquito repellant Coils H.S. Code 3808.91.17.00 (mosquito loops)

15. Clean Wares of Plastics H.S. Code 3922.10.00.00 – 3922.90.00.00 and Domestic Articles and Wares of Plastic H.S. Code 3924.10.00.00 – 3924.90.90.00 (yet barring Baby Feeding Bottles 3924.90.20.00) and (flushing storage and waterless toos toilets).

16. Rethreaded and utilized Pneumatics tires however barring utilized trucks tires for rethreading of size 11.00 x 20 or more 4012.20.10.00

17. Creased paper and Paper sheets H.S. Code 4808.10.00.00 and Cartons, boxes and cases produced using Corrugated paper and Paper sheets H.S. Code 4819.10.00.00, Toilet paper, Cleansing or facial tissue H.S. Code 4818.10.00.00 – 4818.90.00.00 barring infant diapers and incotinent cushions for grown-up utilize 9619.00.22.00 and Exercise Books H.S. 4820.20.00.00

18. Phone Recharge Cards and Vouchers 4911.99.91.00

19. Rugs and other material floor covers falling under H.S. Code 5701.10.00.00 – 5705.00.00.00

20. A wide range of footwears, sacks and bags, H.S. Code 6401.10.90.00 – 6405.90.90.00 and 4202.11.90.00-4202.99.90.00 yet barring security shoes utilized as a part of oil enterprises, sports shoes, solicit shoes and all Completely Knocked Down (CKD), spaces and parts.

21. Empty glass jugs of a limit surpassing 150 mls (0.15 liters) of numerous sorts utilized for bundling refreshments by Breweries and different refreshments and beverages organization H.S. Code 7010.90.49.00 and 7010.90.31.00.

22. Utilized compressors H.S. Code 8414.30.90.00, Used Air Conditioners H.S. Codes 8415.10.10.00 – 8415.90.90.00 and utilized Fridges/Freezers H.S. Code 8418.10.10.00 – 8418.69.00.00

23. Utilized engine vehicles over 15 years from the Year of produce H.S. Code 8703.10.00.00 – 8703.90.00.00

24. Furniture H.S. Code 9401.1000.00 – 9401.9000.99 and 9403.1000 – 9404.9000, however barring Baby walkers, research center cupboards, for example, magnifying lens table, rage organizers, lab seats (9403), stadium seats, stature alteration gadget, base sledge, situate edges and control component, arm guide and head guides. Likewise avoided are; skeletal parts of furniture, for example, spaces, upholstered or unfinished piece of metal, plastics, polish, seat shell and so on.

25. Ball point pen and parts including refills (barring tip)



  1. Mabena SM

    January 7, 2017 at 8:27 am

    This is very restrictive to the populace! The intentions may be good, however so long as there is reason for ppl to need to get these banned products from outside the Republic, then the ban is premature

  2. Rayking

    April 10, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    I think the government has a good reason for the banned of those aterms.most of them are expired goods

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