Jonathan, Diezani, Others Shared $1.3b In Malabu Oil deal – Italian Prosecutors

An investigative report by Italian prosecutors affirmed that ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, previous Minister of Petroleum Diezani Alison-Madueke, previous Attorney Generals Mohammed Adoke and Bayo Ojo, previous Minister of Defense and ex-National Security Adviser, Aliyu Gusau and also various other senior government authorities shared a huge number of dollars.

In an arraignment acquired by SR, Italian prosecutors claimed that Jonathan and a few authorities of his administration and top corporate authorities of int’l oil firms, Eni and Shell, met severally somewhere around 2010 and 2011 to seal the fake Malabu arrangement and split a gigantic plunder running into many millions between Nigerian government and open interests and additionally corporate authorities.

The arraignment demonstrates that previous Abacha-time Minister, Dauzia Loya Etete, also called “Dan Etete” and his Malabu organization were at the focal point of the trick that included the offer of an oil coalition named OPL 245 he unlawfully gained in 1998. As indicated by Italian prosecutors, Mr. Etete had drawn in Zubelum Chukwuemeka Obi to hotspot for purchasers of the oil coalition. Accordingly, Italian oil monster, Eni, the parent of the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Ltd (NAOC) and Royal Dutch Shell, contracted to obtain 100 percent of the 245 oil hinder for an arrangement that totaled $1.3 billion. Notwithstanding, Italian prosecutors are affirming that a great part of the assets was put aside for false installments to Mr. Jonathan and other government authorities and in addition corporate administrators working for Eni and Shell.

Aside from naming various authorities of the worldwide oil firms, the arraignment additionally fingered Mr. Jonathan, Mr. Etete, Mrs. Alison-Madueke, Mr. Adoke, previous NSA Gusau, Mr. Obi, Mr. Ojo, and Alhaji Abubakar as recipients from the Malabu extortion.

Among the corporate players named in the Malabu arrangement are Paolo Scaroni, Eni’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, and Claudio Descalzi, the Managing Director of Eni’s Exploration and Production Division since July 2008. The prosecution expresses that Mr. Scaroni “consented to intermediation by Obi,” and was always educated by Mr. Descalzi of the advance of improvements in the arrangement. What’s more, he and Mr. Descalzi met then President Jonathan in person twice, “both amid the finish of the assentions (13 August 2010) and at the last stage, amid an appointive battle rally in Nigeria on 22 February 2011.”

As indicated by the arraignment, Mr. Descalzi kept up relentless contact with Mr. Obi and two key Eni representatives in Nigeria, Roberto Casula and Vincenzo Armanna, who composed an arrangement in which Mr. Jonathan and other senior authorities of his legislature would get unlawful commissions in return for supporting the Malabu oil bargain. Mr. Descalzi additionally organized with his Shell partner, Malcolm Brinded, on the $1.3 billion sticker price for the oil piece.

Other Eni and Shell authorities additionally went to gatherings with President Jonathan in Abuja on August 13, 2010 in regards to the OPL245 bargain and, once more, on February 22, 2011. Also, the arraignment expresses that the two oil organizations’ administrators gone to gatherings from November 18 to 25, 2010, at Mr. Adoke’s workplaces in Abuja. Aside from Mr. Adoke, Alhaji Aliyu Abubakar otherwise called “AAA Oil” was likewise present at the gatherings amid which, as per Italian prosecutors, “the money related states of the arrangement (1.3 billion) were concurred.”

The organizations’ administrators likewise met with Mr. Dan Etete in Milan, Italy from November 30 to December 1, 2010 and finished issues “identifying with the commissions.” Mr. Armanna, the Senior Advisor of Nigerian Agip Oil Company Ltd and as Eni Vice President for upstream sub-Saharan exercises, allegedly assumed a noteworthy part in the trick. The arraignment blames him for keeping up contact with Mr. Obi and Mr. Etete, despite the fact that he was “completely mindful of the goal of the greater part of the entireties paid by Eni to the political patrons of the operation” and that a few administrators of Eni and Shell, himself included, were to get “noteworthy wholes” from the arrangement. He is additionally blamed for planning the false manage his Shell partner, Peter Robinson, and facilitating gatherings at his living arrangement in Nigeria with Shell administrators. Mr. Armanna allegedly “directed the Eni arranging group’s drafting of the ‘determination assentions.'” what’s more, he met with Mr. Adoke various circumstances to talk about the unlawful exchanges.

Italian prosecutors blame Mr. Armanna of encouraging the Nigerian government’s dynamic part in the Malabu bargain, including the installment “of €1,092,040,000 expected for Etete, notwithstanding the ‘mark reward’s of $207,960,000.” The prosecution expresses that he composed with Gianfranco Falcioni and Bayo Ojo to exchange reserves paid by Eni to the record of the Nigerian government at JP Morgan Chase London. As a major aspect of his reward, Mr. Armanna “accordingly got from Bayo Ojo the entirety of €917,952 with the false installment reference of ‘Armanna legacy.'”

The prosecution expresses that, on October 30, 2010, Ciro Antonio Pagano, the NAE’s Managing Director, marked his company’s offer to Raffeisen Bank, Obi’s guide, for the organization’s 100% obtaining of Malabu’s “taking an interest enthusiasm” in OPL 245. The installments included $207,960,000 to the Nigerian government as the mark reward and $1,053,000,000 straightforwardly to Malabu.

The prosecution names Mr. Obi as shareholder in the organization Energy Venture Partners Ltd (EVP), and as the individual “relegated by Etete to discover a purchaser for piece 245.” Italian prosecutors assert that Mr. Obi concurred with Etete that the “supposed ‘abundance cost’ – between the aggregate that Eni/NAE was attempted to pay and the sum acknowledged by Etete, would be withheld by Obi, with the desire that the previously mentioned premium would be circulated among Mr. Obi, his backers, Di Nardo and Bisignani, Eni and Shell administrators and “Nigerian government authorities, specifically the Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke.”

As per the arraignment, Mr. Obi having met a few circumstances with Attorney General Adoke, and kept up direct relations with the AGF and in addition with “people associated with him, particularly Roland Ewubare and Oghogo Akpata.” He likewise kept up relations with Ms. Alison-Madueke and NSA Gusau, said the arraignment.

The record additionally blames Ednan Tofik Ogly Agaev for consenting to an expense of 6% for his work as mediator between Mr. Etete and Shell. It said Mr. Agaev, a Russian and previous MI6 agent, in this way worked for Shell as Senior Business Advisor and Strategic Investment Advisor. He is blamed for meeting NSA Aliyu Gusau “on various events and having acquired data from him on the desires of President Jonathan and different individuals from the administration.”

The record depicts Mr. Etete as “the fake holder of the OPL245 investigation permit since 1998.” He is likewise blamed for “having gotten approval from Minister of Petroleum Alison-Madueke to discard 100% of OPL245, taking after the choice of President Jonathan.” what’s more, he “directed secret transactions with Aliyu Abubakar, who went about as a specialist of Goodluck Jonathan,” and “acknowledged, under government weight, the aggregate total of $1.3 billion, set up by Eni and Shell.”

Italian prosecutors likewise reported that Mr. Etete “got $801.5 million from the Nigerian government under the FGN Resolution Agreement, and having exchanged to Abubakar Aliyu, specifically or through organizations owing to him, assets of roughly $520 million, planned to be paid to President Jonathan, individuals from the legislature and other Nigerian government authorities.”

The prosecution additionally expresses that the Malabu bargain included an understanding that Dan Etete would utilize a great part of the assets from the offer of the oil alliance “for his own advantage and that of countless recipients to buy property, planes, protected autos, etc.).”

The arraignment included that “President Goodluck Jonathan and different individuals from the Nigerian government in office at the time, including Mrs. Alison-Madueke, Attorney General Muhammed Bello Adoke, National Security Advisor Aliyu Gusau, an individual from the House of Representatives, Umar Bature, previous Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah, and “holders of impact over President Jonathan and different individuals from the legislature” got immense settlements from the Malabu bargain.



  1. Elewode Ebinizer

    January 6, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Before GOD & l if we continued like this Nigeria can not move forward this to still 1 “5b another 1” 7b KOLESI ILOSIWAJU fun NIGERIA OSEMI LA ANU GIDGIDI ebenco

  2. Ayotunde Segun

    January 6, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Pls all this looters should be tried and refund the money to fund our budget it should not be in news paper page again we have had enough.

  3. Festus Ola Ogedengbe

    January 6, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Upon all these revelations some people are still saying Jonathan is still the man for Nigeria. My sincere wish is that by the end of 2017 a minimum of 25 looters should be jailed

  4. Dele. Ayeni

    January 7, 2017 at 7:38 am

    This is serious.Why are these ludicurous people heading to with these money?.Like I keep saying, this nation called NIgeria is gone financially.The so called leader have ruined our nation.Just imagine.If not for Italy, no way of knowing this rubbish.
    I pray the FGN arrest every culprit hind the heinous crime once the truth is established.

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