This is our worst Christmas Ever- Lagos prostitutes

Christmas has dependably been a time of business blast for some specific callings and among these Christmas-accommodating occupations is the age-long exchange of prostitution. Be that as it may, the current year’s Christmas has been a special case.

In this report, Emmodaily.com’s Editor expounds on the situations of Lagos whores amid the current year’s Yuletide.

Lagos whores on Christmas

Lagos whores say the current year’s Christmas was not delightful for them.

A well known house of ill-repute called 7up, which is on a similar street with the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Ikotun territory of Lagos state, can be best portrayed as dead when Emmodaily.com visited its tobacco smoke filled bar on Christmas eve.

To an easygoing spectator, everything was all together on the grounds that the massage parlor was not without its ostentatious gear of hued lights, blasting music and variety of tempting and meagerly dressed whores.

Be that as it may, to normal guests to whorehouses, things were not well. Closeness was not noticeable all around and that was the help of houses of ill-repute and motels.

The perception was affirmed instantly Hawa, an amicable whore with a pleasant shape who Emmodaily.com’s correspondent had met before at a managing an account lobby in Ikotun came around.

Hawa, because of question on the general circumstance of things at work, waved her correct hand at the low turn-out and melancholy look of holding up whores and said “Buhari has completed us.”

In the wake of tasting from her most loved enormous heavy drink which the bar man brought over without a request from her, she went ahead to tell NAIJ.com how the Christmas has been a fiasco for every one of the young ladies.

She said:

“On the off chance that cash no dey for Christmas, wetin men wan spend for we wey be ashawo? In all the 5 years that I have been here, this is our most exceedingly terrible Christmas.

“All the folks you are seeing now are just here to drink, smoke and appreciate the vibe. They are not coming into diminish themselves of the additional sperm they convey about. Indeed, even the individuals who need it seriously are giving us low costs.

“It’s truly an unpleasant circumstance. The subsidence is truly hurting every one of us. What’s more, na that Buhari cause am. Envision me that used to have clients round the clock amid Christmas and New Year time frame can’t gloat of one client now.

“I am not certain those folks who dependably pay additional cash to yell ‘Glad New Year’ inside me will even be coming this year. Buhari no do am well by any means.”

Emmodaily.com’s perception affirmed Hawa’s accommodation. Notwithstanding low turnout, there were men around, smoking, drinking, and watching a replay coordinate on the TV, yet there were no value wrangling at a corner and no folks were conversing with young ladies in the entry – the young ladies were just there, loittering, holding up and trusting as the music blastd.

A fast visit to two different massage parlors in a similar region demonstrated that the circumstance was comparative in all the three houses of ill-repute.


In one of the houses of ill-repute, an entirely, reasonable complexioned prostitute encouraged Emmodaily.com columnist to part with an immaterial N800 for a fast one while guaranteeing she gave such an appalling cost since she expected to make something for the celebrations.

She likewise said that there was not at all like “promo” in her word reference since that there are as of now low turn out of men.

The woman who distinguished herself as Tina likewise said that in every one of her years in the undermining business, the current year’s Christmas’ eve was the to top it all off. She fervently pointed the finger at President Buhari for the appalling circumstance.

Tina, who talked in pidgin English, said:

“Na wa o. No one trust say Christmas wey dey rise before fit resemble this o and if no be for that yeye president wey we get for this nation, things no turn sour this way. At the point when Jonathan dey there, individuals dey appreciate. That time, for Christmas time this way, business dey move well. I dey get client well. In any case, na just 4 individuals wey wear tail me go into room today. How ashawo wan profit when individuals no come do? Which kinfolk yeye promo you even dey discuss self?

“No be him cause this subsidence abi no be him government?”, she said because of the columnist’s interference. “The thing wey dey even torment me be say, I wear get spending plan for January one year from now and I no beyond any doubt say I fit meet the objective at this point. I no go excuse that Buhari on the off chance that I no meet my objective.

“As the thing dey vex me achieve, my sibling wey dey bolster Buhari for our town call me say profit, na revile I revile am. The Buhari wey him bolster na him ruin business for ashawo now. The man wear complete us.

The torment voiced by the whores above mirror the genuine circumstance of whores crosswise over Lagos.

At the point when Emmodaily.com likewise went by Ojuelegba range of Lagos state on Christmas Day, it was additionally a similar story of low turnout in the distinctive houses of ill-repute and motels went by.

Judith, a whore who additionally addressed Emmodaily.com simply subsequent to requesting installment for her ‘valuable time’, said that the downturn in the nation’s economy was the explanation behind the low support of whores amid the current year’s Christmas.

She pointed the finger at President Buhari for the revolting circumstance, depicting the circumstance as “uncommon” in the historical backdrop of whores in Nigeria to endure such low turnout amid bubbly season.

“I won’t misdirect you; this is likely the most noticeably awful Christmas ashawo individuals in Nigeria will celebrate and for Lagos here, our own particular still shockingly better. My companion wey dey do ashawo business for Abeokuta wear about kick the bucket.

“She call me for telephone this evening say, she wear do just 3 men since yesterday. Envision and every one of them na brief time. What amount of that cash go be? For Christmas o, eh! Buhari! Buhari!”

From every one of the entries above, to be sure, 2016 Christmas has not gone well for Lagos whores and even Nigeria everywhere except the pink women are confident that different Christmases which will come their way in the closest future would be better.



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    No be small thing

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    December 26, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    Naij.Com I guess u take delight wen d president is been insulted bcos if not u wouldn’t post rubbish

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    This business is no longer lucrative you better change to legitimate venture.

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    There is no money anywhere

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    No never see anything yet, God ll punish you more

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    Ashawo find something to do ok sale in your body because of money is not good at all is a sins

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    December 26, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    Reformation had started it will spread to other too just wait and see 2017Nigeria will be great so my sisters go back home to God he will provide more better job wish u well not Buhari oo

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    Buhari isn’t finished u if u don’t like wahala go back to your mother village and do marriage if u can

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    Ashawo no be work

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