WARNING! 6 tests to help you spot fake rice

Reports demonstrate that China produces fake rice which is blended with plastic for exportation to African nations including Nigeria.

China has a past filled with making fake sustenance things and the fake rice wonder has been there for some time.

A legitimate English-dialect daily paper in Korea, The Korea Times, reported that “China acclaimed for having all, making all, has now been accounted for to have made rice out of plastic and has conveyed it.”

Caution! 6 tests to help you spot fake rice

The ‘plastic rice’ is supposedly made by framing potatoes and sweet potatoes into normal rice grains shape, then including modern engineered tars. It stays hard in the wake of cooking and can bring about genuine medical problems.

Specialists have raised the alert of conceivable flooding of the Nigerian market with the ‘plastic rice’.

As Christmas moves close, many individuals will get packs of rice from their bosses, companions and well-wishers.

You can figure out whether your rice is fake via doing any of the basic tests underneath.

1. The mortar and pestle test

At the point when forming a couple grains of rice with a mortar and pestle, if the powder gives a very white shading, you are ready yet it has a yellow staining, your rice must be fake.

2. The fire test

You comprehend what plastic odors like right. Along these lines, get a lighter and smolder a modest bunch of rice. In the event that it bursts into flames and resembles blazed plastic, you have fake rice.

3. The water test

Caution! 6 tests to help you spot fake rice

Get a glass of frosty water. Pour a tablespoon of crude rice in the glass and mix. On the off chance that the rice goes to the base, it is all great. In the event that it drifts at the top, be watchful in light of the fact that it implies it contains ‘plastic rice’. Try not to eat.

4. The form test

Heat up the rice. Abandon it in a warm place for like 2-3 days. In the event that form does not show up in a couple days, your rice is fake and ought not be devoured. It won’t get form since plastic is not influenced by the climate or temperature.

5. The bubbling test

Watch the rice while bubbling. In the event that it begins framing a thick layer at the highest point of the pot, it is ‘plastic rice’.

6. The hot oil test

Simply take a portion of the rice drop into some genuine hot oil. In the event that it is plastic, it will liquefy or stick together or stick at the base of the container.

Impart these tips to your loved ones so they don’t wind up eating ‘plastic rice’. These tests are extremely basic. Try not to eat plastic rice, be watchful.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. boyo

    December 22, 2016 at 12:02 am

    Too bad where are we heading to?hope our government can take strict measures to make sure this fake rice is not imported to our markets

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