Obama Signed New Law that Protect Atheists

Surprisingly, nonbelievers and different nonreligious people are unequivocally named as a class ensured by the law.

President Barack Obama has marked into law the Frank Wolf International Religious Freedom Act. The new law secures nonbelievers, humanists, and different freethinkers around the globe from religious mistreatment.

Congress passed the universal religious opportunity charge securing agnostics, humanists, and other non-theists a week ago with overpowering bipartisan support, and Obama marked the enactment into law last Friday, Dec. 16.

The new law expressly ensures skeptics, humanists, and other non-theists, and redesigns the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act. Specifically, the new law states:

The opportunity of thought, still, small voice, and religion is comprehended to ensure mystical and non-mystical convictions and in addition the privilege not to affirm or hone any religion

The Act additionally denounces “particular focusing of non-theists, humanists, and skeptics due to their convictions” and endeavors to coercively urge “non-adherents or non-theists to abjure their convictions or to change over.”

Remarking on the new law, Caroline Mala Corbin, educator of law at the University of Miami, said:

The new law has some truly fascinating dialect in it. It takes a far reaching perspective of religious freedom, saying opportunity of religion is not just about the privilege to practice religion. It is likewise about the privilege to have your own particular perspectives about religion including being freethinker and agnostic

Religious News Service reports Corbin likewise connects the president’s marking of this demonstration to another first:

President Obama was the principal president to unequivocally recognize nonbelievers in his inaugural address, so this appears to fit into his legacy opposite nonbelievers

The American Humanist Association is commending the new law. In a public statement the gathering clarifies the significance of the new, overhauled enactment:

The oppression of transparently humanist and nonbeliever journalists has turned into a region of expanding concern particularly after the series of homicides of mainstream bloggers and distributers by religious radicals in Bangladesh. The American Humanist Association, alongside other universal promoters for religious opportunity, have additionally been incredulous of the lashing of mainstream essayists in Saudi Arabia, and in addition a Saudi law that likens skepticism with psychological warfare

In an announcement, Roy Speckhardt, official executive of the American Humanist Association, said:

The American Humanist Association is pleased to see this memorable enactment marked into law and anticipates working with the US Department of State to guarantee religious freedom for non-theists and religious minorities abroad. That non-theists are presently perceived as a secured class is a noteworthy stride toward full acknowledgment and incorporation for non-religious people, who are still awfully regularly demonized and oppressed the world over

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