Corpse Found Along Goodluck Jonathan Bypass In Calabar. Graphic Photos

A decaying body has been shockingly found inside people in general seepage along Marian Boulevard, after the Jonathan Goodluck Bypass, Calabar. As indicated by Odok Duke, who shared these photographs, he needed to bring in the police subsequent to finding the cadaver which had been preserved by the climate…

Perused what he shared underneath;

On 17/12/2016, I found a breaking down body inside people in general seepage along Marian Boulevard, after the Jonathan Goodluck Bypass, Calabar. The area is (after the overhead extension) the point by the stream, where the Police has a lasting checkpoint.


The climate had embalmed the body and the greenery had additionally helped odoriferously. Along these lines, the eight Policemen went ahead, absolutely careless of a casualty of murder, everlastingly buried in the canal close-by.

I pointed out their the body furthermore put a call crosswise over to Mr JoeMary Ekeng Ita of CUDA. He at first communicated blended sentiments about the evacuation of the body and the way that he didn’t have a useful vehicle and being an end of the week, he was money caught and not able to procure a vehicle for the task. He recommended that I ought to call the Commissioner for Environment, yet his telephone was inaccessible.


The Policemen and I stayed there, while I made option arrangements to evacuate the body. In any case, to our charming amazement, a honorable man called John,who is the leader of the Health Unit of CUDA, approached meet us and look at the circumstance – clearly on the order of JoeMary.

John and JoeMary, assumed control over our sentry obligations, prior that we had anticipated. As I withdrew from Ikot Effanga, my conviction that there were still committed open authorities proliferate – was further solidified.

My heart goes out to the dead man: he may have been a father, uncle, sibling, watchman or nephew to a few people, some place when he was alive. How he kicked the bucket may never be known and his executioners may never be found. His trusts and dreams, will never be figured it out. In any case, he hungers for and merits a stately rest, methinks. The gutter,definitely, couldn’t have been the last resting place that our general public would in or mankind acknowledge or wish for him.


To any semblance of JoeMary and John (of CUDA) and whatever remains of us who still trust that the framework can be changed to be better – more oil and Godspeed. Tolerance and steadiness are what I wish for us. Selah.

Orok Otu Duke

Duke Town

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1 Comment

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    December 20, 2016 at 6:08 pm


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