Femi Fani-Kayode: They love the blood

I simply watched a horrific video of many young men within the ancient orange jail garb.

They were in shining new handcuffs and their eyes were full of the darkness of hopelessness, helplessness and sheer terror.

They stroke a chord in my memory of sallah rams and yuletide turkeys simply before the slaughter.
Their bodies were decorated upside down on a butchers meat-hook whilst their throats were slowly slit wide open with a pointy long knife and their blood drained into a metal gutter by a bunch of Jihadist terrorists.

I was badly traumatised and offended as I witnessed the life emanate of them and detected the bloodcurdling screams, the frightful moans and groans and their pitiful and child-like begging because the blood streamed down their bodies in gallons and fed the waiting gutter.

After that came the powerful water hose, like people who are employed in a contemporary abbatoir, to clean away the blood and clean up and drain the metal gutter.

The whole factor was cold, clinical and barbaric and it created my heart beat ten times quicker.

These were not animals that were being butchered and diced like Chinese fried pork but human beings, each of whom had their own dreams, hopes, aspirations and loved ones.

It was worse than a horror movie: it was today’s harsh reality.

That sight and those sounds will never leave me. They are a living and undeniable testimony of man’s inhumanity to man.

They are incontrovertible and irrefutable evidence of the fact that, as the Holy Bible says, “the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel”.

That pain conjured up a living force in me and inspired and moved me to write the following words.

I struggled desperately to get into the minds of the barbarous beasts that have dedicated their lives to the devil and that commit such heinous and mind-boggling crimes with such passion and ease.

They reminded me of those in our own nation that share a similar disposition and that are given to shedding innocent blood at the drop of a hat either in the name of their god or for the sake of their cows.

What I discerned and saw and what came to my spirit was as follows.



They adore the blood. The blood is life. The blood is sweet. They want to see it stream. They want to see it sprinkled. They want to see it scattered everywhere throughout the dividers. They cherish its scent and its glow.

They adore it much more when it is the blood of newborn children and infants. They hunger for it. They long for it. They sob for it. They desire for it. They ache for it. They slaughter for it. They adore the blood.

They cherish sharp blades and cutlasses. They adore savagery and hostility. They adore tribulation and turmoil. They cherish tears and hardship.

They cherish fire and they want to blaze. They want to watch others endure and they want to exact agony and wretchedness.

They are the offspring of the Amalekites, the main conceived of Al Qaeda and the knave posterity of ISIS and the Taliban.

They are the kindred spirits of Al Shabab, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. They are the scouting herders that come in the dead of the night spreading fear and massacre and riding on the wings of the Angel of Death all for the sake of eating their loathsome cows.

They are the Janjaweed of Darfur, the Barbarians of the Rhine and the furious swarms of Atilla the Hun and Ghengis Khan all moved into one.

They are Hell’s most steadfast and loyal: the hirelings of Samaliel, the Lord of Flies. They are the seed of demolition. The offspring of condemnation. The foes of mankind.

The purveyors of neediness. The traders of subjugation. The slayers of kids. The consumers of blood. The eaters of human fragile living creature and the fakers of our confidence.

They are degraded, dehumanized, corrupted and without any inclination or sympathy. They are absolutely malicious and wickedness is their name. They are to be sure the murkiness that looks for the dimness.

Allow me to finish up this knowledge with a brief word on the terrible and unfurling occasions in southern Kaduna which has been tormented and distressed by assaults from these same herders and beaus of dairy animals.

The severe truth is that Southern Kaduna has been transformed into a bloodbank for the individuals who joy and arrangement in the shedding of human blood.

What individuals need to comprehend is that those that are financing gore, that are behind it and that are empowering it are utilizing the killings and the blood of the general population of Southern Kaduna and the Shiite Muslims as a custom yield.

They will never stop it. They require it. They need to be President in 2019 and they are paying for it with the blood of Christians and Shiite Muslims today.

Others did likewise in 2011. Every one of the killings that occurred then were essential for the applicable individual to climb the honored position by 2015.

Some even relinquished their own particular kids. This matter is more profound than a great many people think or appreciate. It is not political. It is not religious. It is profound.

Blood is the cash in the soul domain. They require it to get what they need and to encourage the vampires and devilish substances that they carelessly venerate.

They are agnostics. Admirers of Molech: the devilish divinity that savors the experience of the shedding of human blood and the relinquish of newborn children and infants.

May God convey us and free our territory of these bloodsucking human bats and underhandedness vampires. They are the haziness that looks for the dimness.



  1. Taye Muhammad

    December 19, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Blood of who

  2. Rittie Dompah

    December 19, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Who are those vampires?

  3. Muhammad Kachallah

    December 19, 2016 at 12:22 pm


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