Goodluck Jonathan and the Belief In A United Nigeria

I need to value the Visitor, Pro-Chancellor, The President and Vice Chancellor, Registrar and the whole Governing Board of Bingham University for giving me the respect to impart this event to a honorable identity like His Excellency Gen. Yakubu Gowon.

Initially, I should praise Bingham University, the understudies and the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) on the tenth commemoration of this extraordinary organization. As we check this tenth commemoration, we are

praising you and introducing one more decade of more noteworthy and better things to come.

Today I am being regarded with a Honorary Doctorate Degree by Bingham University, the pioneer private college and first religious ivory tower in Northern Nigeria.

Amid my administration as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I had numerous solicitations from national and global establishments to be regarded yet I declined on the grounds that I trust one is better respected after administration.

The main Honorary Doctorate Award I acknowledged in the nation was from my Alma Mater, the University of Port Harcourt when I was a Vice President.

I am tending to this social affair for the benefit of His Excellency Gen Yakubu Gowon and myself since it is legitimate for me to thank the college group for discovering the two of us commendable for this respect.

Let me in this manner acknowledge H.E. Gen Yakubu Gowon, the administration, staff and understudies of the University and the country for now’s service.

His Excellency Gen Yakubu Gowon is a man we as a whole enormously regard, appreciate and respect. He is the most senior among the previous Heads of State in Nigeria. He got to be Head of State when he was 33 years.

In light of the present 1999 constitution, that set age constraints for political office holders, he would not have met all requirements to be a Senator. Unmistakably, he was an adolescent however his astuteness pushed him into serving our country and conveying a conclusion to the common war with his savvy and honorable explanation “NO VICTOR NO VANQUISHED “.

I respect Gen, Yakubu Gowon. He is one of our pioneers who has a perfect heart with great expectation for the country. While in office as a Military Head of State he utilized the rifle and knife as weapons of solidarity. Subsequent to leaving office, he utilized a more impressive and

mightier weapon; THE HOLY BIBLE to join Nigeria through his exceptional vehicle ” Nigeria Prays”

Those in the more established era can recall the

famous trademark “to keep Nigeria one is an errand that must be finished”. I welcome you to go along with me and commend H.E. Gen Yakubu Gowon for his dedication in keeping this nation together.

I comprehend from the President’s discourse and the

reference that I am chosen for this honor since I guaranteed a quiet and joined nation amid my residency as President particularly amid the 2015 general race.

I thank the University for valuing that solitary

act. It is my conviction that nobody’s political aspiration is justified regardless of the blood of any Nigerian. What’s more, I am satisfied realizing that my yielding while the votes were all the while being gathered, which was conceived out of my own standards and feelings, is producing positive effect in different countries. Give me a chance to make it clear, that I was not induced to do as such by anybody inside or outside the nation. I know it was the correct thing to do.

My mantra “my desire is not worth the blood of any Nigerian” is my promise. It was not only a political motto. One of I assembled the 2014 National Conference because to think of a

commonwealth without strain and emergency. A nation that will convey solidarity to this nation. A nation that won’t isolate us along tribal, ethnic or religious lines.

I have seen government officials whose youngsters school and

live abroad however prepare offspring of other individuals as hooligans to battle and pass on amid races due to their ravenous desire.

This is against human poise and we ought to maintain

our qualities as a country of awesome individuals who love and regard each other.

I trust in a quiet Nigeria and since my honor

today depends on my dedication to peace, I have a basic message to my kindred graduands and for sure the whole understudy body.

By this honor today I am presently a former student of this

awesome college, The Bingham University. Extraordinary BINGHAMITES, (Great), GREAT BINGHAMITES, (Great). Those of us who have or will have our degrees and declarations from this college have more noteworthy stakes to the college than the President/VC and staff.

They have their degrees and endorsements from different foundations. Thus, on the off chance that anything negative is connected to this college, it will discolor our declarations.

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